Hashtag: Visions and Revisions: A Five Year Conversation at Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art

Zen practice and art practice have much in common: hours on the cushion or hours in the studio and solitude mark both practices. An artist working alone faces similar perils as the Zen student.

Zen Master Seung Sahn used to tell his students to practice Zen together because practicing alone allows one to live in too much comfortable illusion. “I am clear, calm, good, bad…” . Illusions all. Not until we bump up against each other do we have the opportunity to see who, how, what we really are. That happens as a result of challenges as well as comradery. I’m part of  a group of Portland area artists who have been getting together once a month at one of our homes and/or studios for nearly five years to talk about, think about and look at art and to listen to each other.   During the meetings we also eat, laugh, and just see what happens. Over time, a lot happens.  But not until much time has passed and circumstances permit does one see what actually has transpired.

Jeffrey Thomas took an interest in our group (which seems to have become an entity with identity and energy of its own) and has mounted the exhibition: Visions and Revisions: A Five Year Conversation. On the walls one sees the conversation. Or at the very least one sees who is having it. In addition to the visual conversation we are participating each Saturday in a “Conversation With the Artists”, moderated by the inimitable Jeffrey Thomas, including our group and all who come to participate.

The Saturday schedule:

January 23-Visions and Revisions Artist Panel #1: Jef Gunn, Trude Parkinson, Stephanie Doyle, Pat Barrett

January 30-Visions and Revisions Artist Panel #2 : Claire Browne, Clinton MacKenzie, Kate Johnson, Andrea Schwartz-Feit

February 6- Why Painting Still Matters

February 13-What is the Relevance of Titles?

February 20-Kate Johnson’s Crash Course on the History of Painting, abridged edition

February 27- Curator’s Tour and Closing Reception Party


All discussions are from 4-6 pm in the Gallery:  Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art,    2219  NW Raleigh, Portland, OR,    503-544-3449

Please Join Us!




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